About Me

I was radically saved by my Lord Jesus Christ in February 2005. I say “radically” because I believe every conversion is radical. I mean, consider what happens at salvation. A wretched sinner, undeserving of God’s attention – let alone His GRACE – is drawn near to the God of the universe. We are adopted as “sons” (or daughters) to share in the inheritance of Christ (Ephesians Chapter 1). That’s quite a radical transformation!

My position with Christ, my salvation, Christ IN ME – those are the things that define who I am. Not what I “do” or who my family is or what I look like.

However, I realize that we humans are relational people. And if I were sitting on the other side of that screen taking my time to read what someone else wrote, I’d want to know just a little bit more about them. So, I’m happy to share with you a little bit more about “who” I am.

I have been married to my amazing husband since 1996. I’m becoming closer and closer to the definition of “old” every day. We have two wild and crazy boys that are 6 years apart in age, so it’s like having two “only” children most often. They drive me crazy at times  are an absolute DREAM and it’s bliss to be their mother. —> Seriously, I wouldn’t exchange this life if someone paid me!

That’s my “day job.” In the wee hours of the night or when I bribe my kids with waaaay too much video game time my spare time, I’m learning I love to write, and this blog is the fruit of that love.

I learned much of what I know (which is still very little) about blogging and websites during my time as the Women’s Ministry Director for Glory Books Ministry. The ministry at Glory Books led me to become the co-host of the Women’s Hope Podcast and co-founder of a discipling website for women. Due to a deep love for the local church and personal family commitments, my podcast co-host and I decided in late 2018 to discontinue the Podcast, but the archives can be found on our podcast server.


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