Moving or Climbing?

I mentioned in The Next Step that we recently moved from one state to another. It was sort of a big deal for our whole family. Including the dog. We had lots of obstacles to overcome and had to greatly rely on the Lord’s provision for many, many things. One major area that I struggled to trust the Lord with was housing. I KNEW God had orchestrated the entire move. And I knew that He would not ask us to move, then leave us homeless. But my humanness very much wanted to worry myself into a snit.

We are a homeschool family. One day, as we were praying before doing our Bible curriculum, my youngest, who was 6, prayed “Lord, please give us a house that is awesome, that we love, that is beautiful and that has stairs.” (we lived in a ranch at the time) I explained to my boys that finding the housing that we needed with our particular circumstances would be a challenge. Actually, it would be quite difficult, almost impossible by human standards. I also told them that God doesn’t work within human boundaries.  As I was explaining all this to them, I was reminded of the “faith that moves mountains” passages in the Bible. (Mark 11:20-26; Matthew 17:14-20)

“and Lord, please move that mountain, we love you, thank you”

These verses became very, very real to me over the course of the next few months. This passage is often mis-used by the prosperity gospel crowd to invoke some sort of magical powers over our circumstances or the circumstances of another. We are not magicians. Quite the contrary. God is very clear about what He thinks of sorcery and divination. (See Deuteronomy 18) Scripture is also quite clear about where the source of power comes from. Ephesians 1:18-23 teach us that God uses HIS power toward us (on our behalf) in accordance with the working of HIS strength. The power belongs to the Lord. Not us. It is His power that can move those mountains. Not our own. We are to pray, believing that His power is enough. And we are to REST in His sovereignty over ALL things.

We had a HUGE mountain in our path. Sometimes the Lord moves our mountain. Sometimes He requires us to climb it. But HE is always in control. And always there. We knew we were in the middle of the Lord’s will for our lives. He had confirmed very solidly with Scripture after Scripture. He had confirmed it with open doors. Up to the point of this conversation with the boys about housing, we had not had to kick one door open. God had swung them all open wide with His unseen hand. Why wouldn’t He do the same with housing? Were our obstacles too much for Him? Of course not! Nothing is too hard for God!

So, the boys and I talked about this. I told them that if we ask the Lord believing, He has the power to move that mountain. I also told them that sometimes, He stretches our faith by requiring that we climb the mountain. We committed to trusting Him and praying without ceasing, even if He wanted us to climb the mountain. Something amazing happened next.

From that day forward, the same 6 year old who had prayed the house prayer I mentioned above, started modifying his prayer. He still continued to ask for a house “that is awesome, that we love, that is beautiful and that has stairs,” but, he added to every single prayer “and Lord, please move that mountain, we love you, thank you.”

God gave us more than we needed. He gave us stairs.

He prayed this prayer every day, y’all.

Every. Day.

He was never prompted to pray it. He just did it. Every day. This drastically increased my own faith. He just knew God was going to answer it. And He DID. To the letter. Every detail. Even the stairs. God gave us more than we needed. He gave us stairs. He can move your mountains, too. Trust Him. Even if you have to climb a mountain or two. Trust Him. He’s worthy.


3 thoughts on “Moving or Climbing?

  1. Loved this post! Had a very similar experience with a blind move across an ocean and four little boys in tow. We were totally aware finding housing would be a huge challenge but we also knew the Lord was guiding every single step and I am thankful every day for the opportunity our boys have had to see the Lord provide so faithfully through the years. Can’t wait to read more!

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