Life Changes but God Doesn’t

I’ve long said a blinking cursor is the writer’s most fearsome nemesis. Here I sit again. It’s been a while since I’ve written much of anything, so I humbly request that you bear with me and kindly extend grace while I muddle through my meandering thoughts and share a life update, hopefully encouraging you with truths I’ve learned about my immutable God.

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The Truth About Good Sex

Sex is not a bad thing. Nor should it be a “taboo” subject among Christians. Not only should the subject not be “off-limits,” it should be talked about regularly in Christian circles. Why? Because as a Christian people, we desperately need to grasp a proper understanding of sex, Biblically speaking. Otherwise, we will continue to allow our culture to teach us instead of the Lord. I submit to you that the only way to change the tide on this trend is to have some real dialogue on the matter in a way the honors and glorifies our Lord. We must stop avoiding this subject among our sisters.

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Hope for a Holy Marriage

I’m a little behind posting this one, but here’s last week’s podcast from Glory Books Ministry. We are so honored that the Lord would use us in this way to reach women with His Word for His glory. This topic is a tough one and the idea for it sprang from an article my co-host, Brandi Huerta wrote titled “Can You Be Trusted With Your Husband’s Sin?” Click here or on the picture below to listen to the podcast and to read the article, which is posted below the recording. Thanks for stopping by!